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By nights end, Mike Flynn had decided it was best to resign, Conway said on the Today show. He knew he had become a lightning rod, and he made that decision. Lauer challenged Conways timeline of events. Had he not resigned, the president would have continued with him as national security adviser even though he misled the vice president and the administration? Lauer asked. That is what became unsustainable, actually, Conway replied. I think misleading the vice president really was the key here. Youre saying that was the straw that broke the camels back, Lauer said. But the White House knew about that last month. According to the Post, the Justice Department warned the White House in January that Flynn had misrepresented his discussions with the Russian ambassador and that Flynn was vulnerable to future blackmailing by the Kremlin. Conway pointed out that Flynn continued in his role as national security adviser, participating in the daily briefings and sitting in on Trumps meetings with world leaders. As time wore on, the situation became unsustainable, Conway said. Kellyanne, that makes no sense, Lauer shot back. On ABCs Good Morning America, Conway was asked again about the Justice Departments warning that Flynns calls with the Russian ambassador put him at risk for blackmail. I cant reveal what the White House knew or didnt know, Conway replied.

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RadiToScreen.jpg (The encrypted calling and texting app Signal recently used a similar tactic to circumvent blocking of the app in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates .) Censorship and Sensibility Ghazinouri concedes that the government might still find a way to block the apps connections by, say, identifying the exact IP range of the apps Amazon servers, or using deep packet inspection to spot its data in transit. So the group also has a workaround in mind: In the case of a block, its ready to push an update to the app via both Google Play and Telegram that would embed a proxy function, routing its data over the Psiphon network, an anti-censorship tool created by the University of Torontos Citizen Lab, which bounces users connections through the computers of gambling addiction volunteers outside Iran. Individual Farsi audio apps from broadcasters like Radio Zamaneh do have their own Android apps, but probably arent as well prepared to play the cat-and-mouse game of censorship evasion, argues Ghazinouri. The Iranian government comes up with new censorship techniques all the time, says Ghazinouri. You always have to have a Plan B. Iranians can already access some of these services piecemeal, through proxies and other workarounds. But RadiTo on top of censorship circumvention, RadiTo also has features that solve uniquely Iranian problems. Its interface offers not only Farsi and English, but four other Iranian minority languages: Balouchi, Iranian-dialect Turkish, Kurdish, and Arabic. And it allows users to download content and listen offline, a crucial setting in a country where a lack of infrastructure and intentional government throttling slows internet speeds to an expensive trickle. Theres no other Iranian app that offers all this, says Fereidoon Bashar, an internet activist and developer at the Toronto-based technology lab ASL-19, which is working with IranCubator on future apps for the same market.

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