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The village chief was among the victims," said Albert Mokpeme said. "It was a massacre." Seleka representatives were not available for comment. Violence pitting the mainly Muslim Seleka fighters against rival Christian anti-Balaka militia members started on Friday in Ndomete before spreading to Kaga-Bandoro. Central African Republic's U.N. peacekeeping mission, MINUSCA, dispatched troops to the area and separated the two groups. It said in a statement that it was reinforcing its positions in and around Kaga-Bandoro and stepping up patrols in an effort to protect civilians and prevent further violence. The mission declined to give a death toll. "MINUSCA regrets the loss of human life and the wounded that were recorded and also denounces attacks against the humanitarian community and United Nations personnel," it said, without elaborating further. Central African Republic, which holds reserves of uranium, gold and diamonds, suffered the biggest crisis in its half-century of independence in early 2013 when Seleka toppled then-President Francois Bozize. Christian militias responded by attacking Muslims.

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Now that Googles policy has gone into effect, its worth asking: To what extent should the company be a gatekeeper, judging which online ads are okay and which are not? And if the worlds largest Internet search engine is going to be selective about accepting ads, where does it draw the line? The same questions could be applied to Microsoft and Yahoo, which refuse to carry ads for certain types of sensitive content (but still advertise payday loans). Baidu, the worlds second-largest search engine, has been grappling with these issues since earlier this year, when its practice of promoting medical listings without vetting them sparked outrage over a tragedy: a young man with cancer died after receiving an ineffective treatment from a hospital he found through a Baidu ad. The outcry prompted an investigation by Chinas Internet regulator, which ordered Baidu to review its ads and remove any that promote unlicensed medical providers. University of Maryland law professor Frank Pasquale says Google has tried to have it both ways: sometimes it portrays itself as a simple utility and a mere conduit of its customers ads, but other times it presents itself as a content provider that can and should exercise control over the ads it shows. Illustration by Sarah Mazzetti Whenever Google is accused of abetting or enabling copyright infringement or defamation, it says, Were just [connecting people] like the phone company does, and you wouldnt sue the phone company over this, says Pasquale. But when people say, If youre a common carrier [utility], you should take casino online booking all ads, Google will say, No, were like a newspaper and we should have carte blanche over what we publish. With payday loan ads, Google is characterizing itself as the watchful online guardian. The company has said it banned the ads to protect its users because research has shown that these loans can result in unaffordable payment and high default rates. (Google declined to comment for this story beyond saying that it constantly reviews its AdWords policiesand updates them when necessary.) Google also seems to have been influenced by advocacy from a large coalition of civil rights, digital rights, and financial reform organizations. In late 2015, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and other groups sent Google reports detailing abuses that often accompany payday loansamong them fraud, unauthorized transactions, and long-term indebtedness.

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