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These video game gambling machines - such as Danger I have younger relatives who play slots, but theywould prefer to do this, I think. I like to gamble, but I wouldnt gamble over video games its two totally separate things. I play Xbox and I like video games, but if I want to do that, Ill just stay home. Here, I prefer games like blackjack or craps. Mike Wasyliszyn of Carteret Yeong Kim, who was visiting from Fairfax, Virginia, said he didnt much care for Pharaohs Secret Temple after a few tries at Caesars. (Ballys and Harrahs also offer the games). My wife likes it more she says its like Candy Crush, Kim said. My kids would love it, though;they are 27 and 25. Ill tell them about it. David Gargaro of Baltimore found that the Temple game reminded him of Bejeweled, another popular video game. But theres too much skill involved, Gargaro, 30, said with a laugh. Its more daunting when youre gambling with real money, I suppose. A post shared by GameCo (@gamecovgm) on Feb 3, 2017 at 8:56am PST Only Jason Mejzak, 42, of Williamstown,in Gloucester County, found his experience so unappealing that he has written off the games for good. The screen doesnt work, its too greasy, Mejzak said. Players can choose five price points from 50 cents to $20 with either game.

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